Solidworks Plastic Product Modeling

Product Design, Inc. has been using SolidWorks since 2003, has been creating plastic part designs in Pro/Engineer since 1996, and was creating plastic parts design since our founding in 1995. Molded plastic part design developed from Pro/Engineer surface model

Advanced Surfacing Techniques

SolidWorks has constantly improved it's surface modeling features over the years. In the last few releases it is now reasonable to use SolidWorks to create appearance sensitive plastic products without having to compromise the design.

We have years of experience designing plastic products using high end CAD software such as Pro/Engineer. this experience gives an understanding of the theory of how light reflects off surfaces and how the human eye perceives this reflected light. With this understanding an experienced surface modeler can turn a clunky design into a freeflowing organic shape that catches the eye of the customer and stands out against the competition.

Basic Solid Modeling is Not Enough

Surface modeling tools and skills allow the designer to move beyond the basic shapes that are used in solid modelers. Modern solid modeling programs such as SolidWorks have greatly increased the ease with which complex designs can be created. However, if your products need to look good solid modeling by itself will not give you the best looking product possible. The proven technique for making good looking products is to create an appearance surface quilt, use the surface analysis tools in the surface modeler to optimize the surface, create a solid from the appearance surface, and then use solid modeling techniques to finish the parts with ribs, draft, rounds, etc. If you want to create better looking products, Product Design has the in house experience applying surface modeling techniques to the design of good looking plastic parts.

Pro/Engineer Master Model surfaces used to drive the design of multiple final components


Design for injection molding

Once you decide to make a part by injection molding you are commiting to a trade off in which you commit to high cost tooling up front in return for very cost effective parts at high volume in the future. A truely outstanding plastic part design is one that is designed for and takes advantage of the injection molding process. However, most plastic part designers do not understand how injection molds work and how various plastic part features effect the cost and function of an injection mold.

A Solidworks plastic part design created by by Product Design, Inc. is based not only on good solid modeling and surface modeling practices, but incorporates our experience in plastic part design and knowledge of injection mold design and function. Our ability to apply all critical areas of plastic design experience to any plastic part design project results in cost effective plastic parts that are easier to mold and can be molded in lower cost tooling. These are the reasons you are injection molding parts in the first place!

Yes, you can use SolidWorks to create good looking, cost effective plastic products! Just be sure to use someone who has an indepth understanding of surface modeling techniques, injection mold design and function, and how to design cost effective plastic parts.


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